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Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata "Death Note Vol 2 - Confluence" PDF

Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata "Death Note Vol 2 - Confluence" PDF
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Having seen FBI agent Raye Penber's face and learned his name, Light forces Penber to kill the other agents with the Death Note before Light kills him as well. After the deaths become known, only Soichiro Yagami and four other policemen continue working with L on the Kira investigation. L meets them to collaborate directly instead of remaining hidden behind a computer. When the task force meets in a hotel, Light goes to their police station and meets Raye Penber's fiancé, Naomi Misora, by chance. She is there to share what she learned about Kira's power through Raye's death, namely that Kira can decide the cause of death and control his victims' actions prior to death. Light introduces himself to her as a task force member and tricks her into revealing her name. With a piece of paper torn from the Death Note, he forces her to commit suicide in a hidden place. L reviews the FBI agents' actions before their deaths and notices Penber's odd behavior. When L is informed of Naomi's disappearance, he suspects the two families Raye investigated and installs surveillance equipment in their homes. Light persuades Ryuk to find the equipment for him.
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