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Swapnil Pandey "Love Story of a Commando" PDF

Swapnil Pandey "Love Story of a Commando" PDF
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How is it to be loved by someone and being abandoned by the same? Can anybody survive this? Riya is a millennial who watches Splitsvilla, worships David Guetta and sways to Ed Sheeran tunes. She believes Fifty Shades of Grey is the greatest love story, unfamiliar from the world of passion, agony, gallantry, supreme sacrifices and ‘Love’ until the day she meets Captain Virat, aka a ‘Black Cat.’ He is swift, sharp, lethal and dark. He belongs to the NSG, India’s top elite counter insurgency Special Forces unit. He’s trained all across the globe and been in blood-soaked battlefields. There’s nothing he can’t handle, except his own demons. When Riya meets Virat at an art exhibition in Delhi, sparks fly, but Virat soon disappears, leaving her broken-hearted. She moves to Mumbai to start afresh, but danger follows her everywhere. Under the burning dome of the Taj Hotel, Riya and Virat’s lives intersect once again. But when her prince in shining armour deserts her one more time, Riya decides to leave it all behind for the remoteness of Kashmir. But peace is short-lived. The Prime Minister’s visit to the valley brings with it, violence and explosions. The gunfire creeps back into her life. And they reach behind the enemy lines in PoK, Pakistan. Will Virat snatch her away from the jaws of death once again? Will Riya survive her deadly fate? Will there be any happily ever after? Take a peek into the dreaded life and emotions of a Commando through the eyes of a girl madly in love with him!
Swapnil Pandey "Love Story of a Commando" PDF
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