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Lizzy Ford "The Warlord's Secret" PDF

Lizzy Ford "The Warlord's Secret" PDF
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At war with enemy kingdoms, The demon-possessed Warlord of Tiyan is also in conflict with her own looming madness. In Taran, she discovers the answer to both her problems, a slave turned scout who is consumed with vengeance and determined to possess both Tiyan and its queen.

Excerpt from The Book of the Damned, First Warlord of Tiyan:

We found the demon when we took this land near the great cliffs. The local barbarians told us of its power, how it can heal a man from death and stop a storm from destroying a village. After so many years at war, I knew the demon alone could stop the wars that drove us from our home of Karyan across the sea to this barren strip of land along the cliffs.

I went after the creature, captured it, and forced it into many hosts. It killed them all -
Lizzy Ford "The Warlord's Secret" PDF
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