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Faith Ijiga "Right On Time" PDF

Faith Ijiga "Right On Time" PDF
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Tragedy has befallen sixteen-year-old Ayanate Green, a final year high school student and the only daughter of a single mother of two. She unexpectedly loses her sight on the day she is to write her final paper.

The awful realization is horrifying to her, her fellow students, teachers and invigilators when she couldn't see the questions on her examination booklet. It is clear that her life will never remain the same.

Five years later, a crime syndicate is growing and spreading like wildfire in the country.

This syndicate, Alpha Shadows, has been operating nationwide. The police's main goal is to apprehend the fifty-two-year old founder and current leader of this syndicate, Tekena Green, and his second-in-command, who is a twenty-three-year-old graduate, Savior alias Tiger.

The objective? Kill the snake by cutting off its head.

But this goal has been difficult for the police to achieve because the syndicate has connections in a lot of high places, and that includes the Police Force.

Will there be an intervention??? And will it be right on time?
Faith Ijiga "Right On Time" PDF
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