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David Gold "Priya Echo's Adventure - Book 1" PDF

David Gold "Priya Echo's Adventure - Book 1" PDF
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Hello, my name is Echo.

Priya Echo is a super nerdy, shy lab scientist at university when one day an experiment goes wrong and gives her magic powers! After falling into her own dream land, she discovers that she has echo powers!

Priya awakens and soon meets three kick ass girls who let her into their group, Nadine, Felicia and Dominique. Her so-called friends, who are really bad at not using peer pressure, set her up with a cute guy named Eric. He just wants a normal girlfriend and cannot seem to figure her out.

Then one day the university is visited by a famous wizard named Telenon. After a standoff, Priya learns that he wants to steal the entire world's magic. The shy lab girl must learn how to become a brave hero.

That is simple enough. Priya already has amazing powers. There is just one tiny little problem. She is too silly! Can Priya learn to be less silly in time to save the world? Maybe she'll end up as one of those legendary heroes with a crazy sword! Come Find Out!

A wonderful read for lovers of fantasy, recommended 18 years of age and up.
David Gold "Priya Echo's Adventure - Book 1" PDF
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