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David Kadavy "Mind Management, Not Time Management" PDF

David Kadavy "Mind Management, Not Time Management" PDF
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You have the TIME. Do you have the ENERGY?You've done everything you can to save time. Every productivity tip, every "life hack," every time management technique.

But the more time you save, the less time you have. The more overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted you feel.

"Time management" is squeezing blood from a stone.Introducing a new approach to productivity. Instead of struggling to get more out of your time, start effortlessly getting more out of your mind.

In Mind Management, Not Time Management, best-selling author David Kadavy shares the fruits of his decade-long deep dive into how to truly be productive in a constantly changing world.
David Kadavy "Mind Management, Not Time Management" PDF
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  1. Melisa Muziti
    Melisa Muziti
    Improving livesBooks are improving lives.

    Reading books is one of the things tht improve the life style o others in this case not just any book u read is meaningful it now goes along with the writer and components of the book. Excellent work.

  2. Fahad

    Wow ,thanks amazing books 📚 

  3. AbdiLahi abdirizak abdilahi
    AbdiLahi abdirizak abdilahi

    Wow!!! Great book 

  4. niamatullah

    i really like it.

  5. Joseph Shimane Mogale
    Joseph Shimane Mogale

    I believe that thw book has the potential to empower a reader on how to discipline his mind in order to achieve better results

  6. Yasir Khan
    Yasir Khan

    Thanks for the book. It's really helpful. 

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