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Scott Piles "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life" EPUB

Scott Piles "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life" EPUB
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You may not be aware of it, but there are recognized patterns that lead to lack of self-esteem. Habits become a part of your life but habits can be changed. This book covers the different ways in which you can easily change habits in order to change the course of your life. Everything that we do in life is as a result of what we have been taught, what we have experienced and what we expect from life. However, with all of these presuppositions or prerequisites, it’s hardly surprising that people are dissatisfied with what they get back from life. The habits that are introduced in this book are deliberately simplified, so that anyone can achieve them. I have worked with people who have problems for a very long time and these steps have succeeded in making their lives more rewarding. You have a choice in the kind of life you experience and the power of your thoughts and actions is amazing. By incorporating these 30 small life changes into your life – and they only take five minutes to try out – your life can be considerably improved. It is hoped that readers will be able to go forward in their lives with the knowledge given within the pages of this book and that they will find that the results are positive. If some of them seem a little hard, don’t worry. Changes take a little while to become automatic, but all of your bad habits have now become automatic. Good habits can also become the norm, so that your attitude toward life changes, as well as your attitude toward others. Step through the pages and feel your life improve. It can and it will if you decide to take each of the steps given in this book a little of your attention. Life is waiting for you. It won’t wait forever. With each passing day of discontent, your road becomes shorter. By taking action now, you can improve your life and find that the path that lies ahead is one that will be a happier place than the place you find yourself in right now. If you are looking to improve your life, take hold of the power and learn to use it to your benefit. This book shows you how.
Scott Piles "Change Your Habits, Change Your Life" EPUB
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