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Groups and Benefits

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We have expanded our groups to offer more options to our users. Below are the advantages, features, and transition fees of our groups. You can switch to the group of your choice.


  • Daily Limit: 6 books
  • Countdown Timer: 20 seconds
  • Fee: 30 Coins

You can have a daily download limit of 6 books by transitioning to the Bibliophile group. You must wait 20 seconds on the countdown timer for each book download.


  • Daily Limit: 10 books
  • Countdown Timer: 15 seconds
  • Fee: 50 Coins

You can have a daily download limit of 10 books by transitioning to the Booklover group. You must wait 15 seconds on the countdown timer for each book download.


(Prices are listed below)

You can enjoy the following advantages by joining the Premium group:

  • Unlimited Books: Download as many books as you want, with no restrictions.
  • No Ads: No ads will be displayed on the mobile or computer versions for a comfortable user experience.
  • No Waiting: Download books quickly without any waiting time.
  • Support and Request: Special support and book request service is provided only for premium subscribers.
  • Exclusive Books: You have the opportunity to download books exclusive to the Premium group.

Premium Group Transition

You can make the payment using the information below after selecting the suitable package. After completing your payment, send your receipt and email address to us via WhatsApp or email, and we will upgrade your membership to premium.

Note: If you have any questions about the premium packages, please click the contact button to reach us.

Packages and Prices

  • Monthly: $3
  • Book Lover: $5 / month
  • Sponsor: $15 / month
  • Philanthropist: $100 / month

Payment Information

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Note: Your premium membership fees not only cover the expenses of our site but are also used to provide books for poor children living in mountain villages. With your support, we are offering a hopeful future to these children, nourishing their dreams, providing access to knowledge, and supporting their education. We thank you for your contributions!