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Harms of reading books - Research

Harms of reading books - Research
Throughout history, reading has been accepted and encouraged as a sacred ritual in all civilized societies around the world.

From time to time, we have concerns such as "the book is not read", "it is not sold", "the number of readers is very low". These concerns may worry humanity almost as much as global warming, melting glaciers, and the possibility of dropping nuclear bombs.

Reading a book someone recommends is pretty dangerous. You can get caught up in some currents, follow unnecessary political-philosophical trends, distance yourself from your environment, your family, even the society, and become alienated from yourself.

Regular reading is addictive; bookworms sometimes buy books with money they need to spend on a vital problem. As a result, new problems arise in your life.

Regardless of the subject, the book you read instills the author's point of view, way of thinking and prism of approach. If you don't have a clear idea about certain topics when you start reading a book, you are more likely to be influenced by the book and the author. This leads to a shortage of thought in those who eventually read the book.

Each book means cutting down one or more trees; As long as you continue to read and buy books, you become a partner in the massacre of trees. Life on earth may be possible without animals, but life on earth is not possible without trees that provide humanity with oxygen.
Harms of reading books - Research
Reading a book opens the horizon of consciousness. As you become highly knowledgeable and sophisticated, gaps form between you and your environment; Sometimes you spend hours explaining something to someone and they laugh at you and think you're crazy. This will cause you to become antisocial over time.

It is the common problem of all bookworms not to give the valuable books they read to anyone to read for fear of "suddenly not giving them back". As a result, in addition to your own problems, you will have a library to worry about.

Reading books can make it possible to use information for malicious purposes, transmit subliminal messages, spinal problems may occur if the correct posture is not chosen while reading, reading too many books leads to weakening of visual function, etc.

I tried to make the list as concrete as possible, as you can see, reading a book is not as valuable as its advertisement, the harms outweigh the benefits.

Reading a book is not important, the main thing is to follow the book you read. Because those who do not comply with the book they read are not knowledgeable people, but "donkeys loaded with books".

Farida Zero

Həyat ya cəsur bir macəradır, ya da heçnə

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