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Countries of Book Enthusiasts: Which Countries Read More Books?

Countries of Book Enthusiasts: Which Countries Read More Books?
In this article, we will examine the book reading habits and concentration of book enthusiasts worldwide. We will provide information supported by statistics and data, including the number of books per person, read styles and more.

Number of Books per Person:

The average number of books read per person globally is reported to be 8-12 books. However, this figure shows significant differences among different countries. For example, in countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, an average of 20 books are read per year, while in some countries such as Africa and Latin America, only 2-3 books are read.

Popular Styles:

Each country has a different book reading habit. For example, in England and the United States, novels and science fiction books are quite popular, while in Japan, manga and anime style books attract more attention. Also, the cultural and social structure of the country influences book reading habits.

Number of Pages per Person:

The number of pages read per person is also important, as much as the number of books per person. In countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark, an average of 300-400 pages are read per year, while in some African countries, only 50-100 pages are read.


Reading books is an important activity that contributes to people's cultures, minds, and lives. Different countries have different book reading habits worldwide, and these habits are influenced by the cultural, social and economic structure of the country. Therefore, comparing book reading rates and styles among countries is quite interesting and important. Increasing and supporting reading habits will contribute to the development of people's cultures, mental abilities, and quality of life.

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