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Chinua Achebe "Anthills Of The Savannah" PDF

Chinua Achebe "Anthills Of The Savannah" PDF
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In his long-awaited fifth novel - what many see as his greatest work - Chinua Achebe delivers a searing satire on political corruption, set in the fictional West African nation of Kangan.

'[The writer] in whose company the prison walls fell down' - Nelson Mandela.

Anthills Of The Savannah is an acrid, frightening look at oil-boom Nigeria, a world of robberies, road blocks and intimidation in which those who are meant to be protecting a country's citizens are in reality supervising the looting. Chris, Ikem and Beatrice are three like-minded friends working under the military regime of His Excellency, the Sandhurst-educated President of Kangan. In the pressurized atmosphere of oppression and intimidation, they are simply trying to live and love - and remain friends. But in a world where each day brings a new betrayal, hope is hard to cling to.

"Achebe has written a story that sidesteps both ideologies of the African experience and political agendas, in order to lead us to a deeply human universal wisdom." — Washington Post Book World

"Upon his death, Nadine Gordimer, who was one of the Man Booker International judges who awarded Achebe the prize, wrote in The Guardian that Things Fall Apart ‘is the founding creator of modern African imaginative literature"'." - The 2007 Man Booker International Prize Judges

Chinua Achebe Nigerian novelist and poet Chinua Achebe is probably black Africa's most widely read novelist. His first work, Things Fall Apart, is regarded as a classic of world literature and has been translated into 40 languages. Achebe's novels focus on the traditions of Igbo society, the effect of Christian influences, and the clash of values during and after the colonial era.
Chinua Achebe "Anthills Of The Savannah" PDF
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