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A J McDine "Should Have Known Better" PDF

A J McDine "Should Have Known Better" PDF
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The perfect boyfriend… or the perfect liar?'It had me captivated from beginning to end. An absolute must-read!' - Cathryn Northfield of Life's a Book blogKate’s daughter Chloe is about to fly the nest and the prospect terrifies her. Until Kate meets Adam at a university open day. Adam is the perfect catch. Could he fill the void Chloe will leave? But life is never that simple. Adam’s son Ben has developed a crush on Chloe. A crush that is fast becoming an obsession. Flattered by the attention, Chloe is happy to string him along – for now at least. But as Ben’s fixation with Chloe escalates, is Kate the only one who can see the dangers? And when Chloe’s life begins spiralling out of control, Kate must make a choice - trust her instincts or lose her daughter forever…
A J McDine "Should Have Known Better" PDF
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