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Nicholas May "Kukulkan" PDF

Nicholas May "Kukulkan" PDF
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John must go back to his childhood home in Wales and face his nightmares:


John felt the knot in his stomach tighten as he crossed the invisible line that marked the towns border, he eased up on the gas peddle and brought the ford to an almost snail pace.

He’d been dreading this moment, putting it off for weeks. Yet he knew when he received the news of Mary’s death that he’d have to go back to the house. He’d thought of a hundred and one reasons not to come back, but for all the reasons, he knew he would.

He hadn’t been in any rush, not until that jumped up young son of a bitch started throwing his weight around, and decided to sack him. Well he’d seen it coming for weeks now, so no job, no flat.

So here he was, going back to Wales to claim his childhood home. Already the nightmares were rushing back, no matter how hard he tried to think of something else, they kept on rearing up, challenging him to deny them. He felt the sweat stand out on his forehead, and quickly wound down the window, letting the cold air in to claim its prize.
Nicholas May "Kukulkan" PDF

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