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Ruth Ann Nordin "An Unlikely Place for Love" PDF

Ruth Ann Nordin "An Unlikely Place for Love" PDF
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Falling In Love With Her Boss...

The next day while Kate was in her Billy outfit and painting some of the roof on the barn, she was able to look out along the fields to see what was going on around the farm. She noticed that Chad, Sam and Tim were on their horses and leading the cattle from one field to another. She recognized Chad's lean and muscular frame as he gracefully moved with Reliable as the horse chased the cattle. She set the paintbrush down for a moment so she could admire the way he looked while working on the horse. He was in tune with the animal and easily handled its movements. He would do well in the horse competitions back home.

-Billy! Some of that paint is getting on me! Jeff complained.

-Oh, sorry.

She immediately put her paintbrush back into the can of black paint. While she painted the roof, Jeff was painting the side of the barn. She quickly ran the paintbrush over the section of the roof where the paint had dripped off of her brush before it had time to dry. Though no one would actually see the error, she didn't wish to have it there.
Ruth Ann Nordin "An Unlikely Place for Love" PDF

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