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P L Jones "When You Just Know (Book One)" PDF

P L Jones "When You Just Know (Book One)" PDF
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She stood out from the crowd that spilled up from the sandy beach and over the paved area in front of the shops that pandered to the wants and needs of the sun and surf-loving set frequenting the popular seaside location. The bikini and speedo-clad late teens; the untidily fashionable casual gear of the trendy twenties’ groups; the more sedate swimming costumes of the slightly older set and the, by comparison, very conservative attire of the more “elderly” who strolled along among the myriad of people out and about on that perfect summer’s day. All these others became lost in the background, like one of those scenes in a movie where everything turns to black and white except one extraordinary, colourful object.
P L Jones "When You Just Know (Book One)" PDF

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