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Jon Herrera "Emma and the Minotaur" PDF

Jon Herrera "Emma and the Minotaur" PDF
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All stories are true.

Emma Wilkins is eleven years old and she lives on Belle Street.

In the forests of Saint Martin, a great power has awakened. Whispers abound of a monster that lurks in the darkness as more and more of the city's residents go missing. Called by the song of a tree, the diminutive Emma finds herself face to face with the colossal Minotaur. Following a narrow escape, Emma discovers that she is the only one who has any chance to stop him.

On her way to an impossible confrontation, Emma will learn that the crisis is greater than it seems, and that at stake are the fates of those she cares about the most, and that of the entire world.
Jon Herrera "Emma and the Minotaur" PDF
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