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Very interesting terms related to books

Very interesting terms related to books
There are many interesting terms related to books. We believe that after reading some of them, you will say, "Aha, that's me." And after this post, we're sure you'll want to run some of them, especially "Bibliobuli".?

1. Bibliobuli: A person who reads too many books is called. Of course, if there is such a thing as "reading too much".

2. Tsundoku: This Japanese word refers to the situation of buying a lot of books and not taking the time to read them. Whenever people with this syndrome leave the house, they find themselves at book fairs or bookstores.

3. Bibliotherapy: It is a special type of therapy that uses reading. Reading a book for 6 minutes a day reduced stress by 68%.

4. Bibliosmia: Loves the smell of old books. I think there is no one who does not like that smell.

5. Book-bosomed: People who always carry books with them are called.

6. Abibliophobia: Fear of not having a book to read. This is probably the biggest excuse of people with tsundoku syndrome.

7. Omnilegent: One who has a large base of books and is also familiar with many examples of literature. Probably, a conversation with such a person will be interesting.

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