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Jean Sherman Chatzky "Make Money, Not Excuses" PDF

Jean Sherman Chatzky "Make Money, Not Excuses" PDF
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Get Rich, Don’t Bitch “I don’t have time to deal with my money.” “Managing money and investing is too intimidating.” “I’m not a numbers person.” “My husband takes care of our finances.” “I’m just not good with money.” Jean Chatzky has heard all the excuses for why women don’t deal with their finances. She used to make them herself. For the first time, Jean tells you how she made every financial mistake in the book—not paying her bills, going into credit card debt, letting her 401(k) lapse—before finally making the decision to take control of her money and her future. Whether you’ve made these mistakes or you want to avoid them, if you’re ready to take charge of your financial life then this is the book for you. In it, Jean shares these valuables lessons: • Where to start • How to decode financial jargon (it’s easier than you think) • How to get over your “I’m not smart enough to deal with money” feelings • Why being a “good-enough investor” will make you more money in the long-term (while trying to be a “great investor” will drive you crazy) • Why you might think you are bad at math, and why that doesn’t have to be true • How (and where) to save your money •
Jean Sherman Chatzky "Make Money, Not Excuses" PDF
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